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Hi I am Philippa Jayne Waite, Pip to all, I was born in County Durham and grew up in Teesdale where I still live and love the area. I have always loved music and knew at an early age it was something I really wanted to do and excel at.
I have enjoyed the journey so far and hope it goes much further and the support I have had from family and friends has been an important part in getting me where I am now. I really enjoy being in front of a group of people with my guitar and a microphone. 
Music is my break from the 'normal' goings on of life, when I sing/ play guitar I feel free, alive.'
I have been playing seriously for around 1 year and a half now, I have always been interested in music and it's got me out of some tough times in my life, I believe life is what you make it, live in the moment.

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